Nansei Project Fanart : Totte is watching Miko.

posted on 09 May 2014 19:28 by sriproject in Illust directory Cartoon
I provide an English description because a primary author of this work can not read Thai.
Published via deviant art too.
Visit a primary author of these characters here
Multi eyes satori. She can see everything in the world by her eyes and her optional eyes.

Fanart of [Nansei Project - Autumnal Mythology] Yandere break scarecrow.

posted on 05 Nov 2013 19:24 by sriproject in Illust directory Cartoon
I live in Thailand. Thai is my first language.
But this time. I have written my blog in English, because someone who made original works can not read Thai.
[Nansei Project] is a series made by LENK64. I think this series is inspired by Touhou Project.
LENK64 designed many characters and their theme songs. There are only few artists who can do both of drawing and making songs as well. She has many followers on Youtube. She arranged some Touhou songs too.
I had been following her since 2012.
If I admire someone so much, I will make a fanworks of them. (If I have enough times and energy)
Name: Hitori
Species: Youkai
Abilities: he can transform into a shape. (he has feet in human form.)
age: 1000 years ago
Occupation: keep the birds a yandere.
Location: Cold Maple Village
Theme song : Emotional Change in the Form ~ Serial Killer
Name: Satsujin Fuan
Species: Youkai
Abilities: she manipulates mythological creatures
age: 1000 years ago
Occupation: brutally hang the people bird a yandere.
Location: Cold Maple Village
Theme song : Mind Boggling Mythology ~ Scarecrow
I tried to finished this artwork fast as possible after thier theme songs have been published. Unfortunately, I had many other jobs to clear. So I done several days late.
I took a long time to collected many details. There are many birds, grasses and maple leafs. Some of them are made by brush presets.
This is the one of my passions. After I finished this, I feel glad so much.
เบื้องหลังสีหน้าอันเรียบเฉยของข้าพเจ้า มีอารมณ์ความรู้สึกอยู่มากมาย (?)